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Gibraltar Regulatory Authority complaint form

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority complaint form is in the form of a PDF document which cannot be copied and pasted. This page contains the full text of this document in copiable format, to faciliate its use when needed.

These are the guidelines for filing a complaint, including both geographical and email address to which the form should be sent:


Nov 2006

Guidelines for Parties Requesting Formal Complaint

Resolution Intervention

1. To expedite resolution of your complaint via our formal complaint resolution process may we ask you to fully comply with the prescribed format attached.

2. Please ensure that the request for complaint resolution is signed and dated.

3. Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that where confidential information is provided in support of this request that such information is clearly marked and contained in a separate annex to this document.

4. The contact name provided will normally be the only contact used by this office for the duration of the process. Should this contact name be changed the onus is on the complainant to inform the GRA of this in writing.

5. Requests for formal complaint resolution should be addressed to:

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
Gambling Division
Suite 811 Europort


Via e-mail to complaints@gra.gi

6. The GRA reserves the right to deal with any request for assistance on a complaint in a manner which is outside the formal complaints procedures provided for in the GRA Complaints Resolution Procedures Document. Complainants will be informed prior to any such complaint resolution procedure.

This is the form to be filled in - there are some explanatory notes at the bottom:

1. Contact Details of Complainant

Name and address:

Designated Contact Person (if applicable):

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

E-mail Address:

2. Contact Details for Respondent

Name and business address:

Your Contact Person within Company:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

E-mail Address:

3. Nature of Complaint

Please provide details of the exact nature of the complaint. If the complaint relates to a breach of licence condition or the Gambling Ordinance 2005 please reference the appropriate condition/legislative clause.

4. Complaint Procedures attempted to-date

Please detail all steps taken by you and the respondent to resolve this matter to-date. This should include details of correspondence, meetings and escalation steps taken in any attempt to resolve the matter. Please attach copies of relevant supporting material relating to this complaint.

5. Impact of Complaint

Please detail what impact this complaint is having/may have on your personal circumstances. Please provide material in support of your claim.

6. Confidential Material

It is the policy of this office to forward copies of any complaint to the respondent for its comments. Please indicate what material, if any, you consider confidential and this office will withhold it from any correspondence forwarded to the respondent. The GRA wishes to draw your attention to the fact that this may slow down the resolution of the complaint and that some material marked as confidential may be intrinsic to the complaint.

7. Remedy Required

Please indicate what action you require in order to resolve this complaint to your satisfaction.

8. Additional Information

Please provide additional information in support of your request for GRA involvement in this complaint.

*Please note that an original signed copy must be sent to this office.

Signature of Complainant


Date _______________________________________

1. "Contact Details of Complainant": Contact details of the person making the complaint.

2. "Contact Details for Respondent": Contact details of the gambling operation that caused the complaint.

3. "Nature of Complaint": Speaks for itself. The relevant legislation is the Gibraltart 2005 Gambling Act. I would not expect the average complainant to be much inclined to trawl through the entirity of that legislation, nor for that matter is there a specific clause which relates to funds confiscation. One would hope that this is acedemic.

4. "Complaint Procedures attempted to-date": Self-explanatory.

5. "Impact of Complaint": This seems a pointless section. You have been financially inconvenienced. You have less money than you would have if the casino had paid and not necessitated the complaint.

6. "Confidential Material": Self-explanatory.

7. "Remedy Required": Also rather pointless. You require action to resolve the matter in your favour.

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