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You can play with confidence at the casinos listed at Hundred Percent Gambling. In the unlikely event you DO encounter a problem, drop me an email and I'll try to help. If I cannot, I'll put you in touch with someone who can.

Alternatively, if you want to go about the search for assistance off your own bat, there follows an explanation of the approximate "procedure" for tackling an online casino issue, and the various avenues of assistance available.

First step: work with the casino

Before doing anything else, ensure that you've exhausted all avenues with the casino first. You may have got stuck with an unhelpful, misinformed or just plain ignorant customer support representative. Try to speak to someone else - there will hopefully be more than one email address listed on the casino website. If at all possible, try to get hold of the manager.


If you end up drawing a complete blank with the casino, it's time to start looking for outside assistance.

Do you remember how you discovered the casino in the first place? From a website? From a promotional email? Contact the webmaster of the site in question - they'll have a business relationship of sorts with the casino and may be able to assist. If you clicked through from one of the links on the site, the webmaster will be able to identify you as one of "his" players and will have a better negotiating position.

If you can make no headway with the webmaster from whose site you first accessed the casino, there are a number of independent sites dedicated to player-assistance.


Bryan Bailey, Casinomeister, has been in business since 1998. He's collected a fair bit of money in players' contested cashouts over the years.

Sign up for his newsletter and register with the forum - both required to be entitled to contact him about an dispute - then file your complaint in the Pitch a bitch section.

However, if the casino is a member of Ecogra, Bailey requires that you contact their own dispute services as the first step.

Gambling Grumbles

Gambling Grumbles was one of the very earliest mediation services created. It was initially discontinued in 2003, but re-opened its doors in November 2009 under the management of one of the two co-founders, Steve Russo.

In order to avail yourself of their services, you need to first read their requirements, then register (home page top right) and send them an email, describing the problem.

The Gambling Industry Association

I reported on the Gambling Industry Association in mid 2008 - see GIA article.

Complaints can be posted in the Groans and gripes forum.


The GPWA is a large affiliate organisation. Although its focus is not the player, it has a very large membership of the affiliate business partners of casinos, and as such is an influential voice. It has an unethical behaviour reports section where player complaints may be posted.


Ecogra was set up in 2003, as a joint initiative between software providers Microgaming and Cassava, for the purposes of being a "regulatory" voice in an almost completely unregulated industry.

Casinos that meet their generally accepted practices are awarded the "Ecogra: play it safe" seal of approval and are entitled to display it on their websites.

The person to contact is the "fair gaming advocate" - fill out the player dispute form and submit it. If for any reason they are unable to help to your satisfaction, go ahead and contact Bryan Bailey.

Playtech disputes service

Playtech scored low on the backup they provide the players on behalf of their licensees for a very long time. This may have taken a recent turn for the better with the setting up of a dispute service similar to the RTG equivalent. Fill in the players enquiry form and submit it.

RTG Central Disputes System

Central Disputes System is service offered by software provider Realtime Gaming for mediation between licensees and players. To take advantage of the service, fill in the dispute form.

There's one important point to note:

All claims must be submitted within 60 days of the date of dispute

If you miss the two-month expiry date will they refuse to hear your case? I'm not sure.

Complaining on the online casino message board forums

This is almost always the first port of call for disgruntled players, as it combines a request for help with getting things off your chest. However, it's frequently not the best way to go: if you make public accusations against a casino you may very well end up antagonising them and potentially damaging your chances of a favourable outcome. However, in the unfortunate event that all other avenues fail, this is the only remaining way to go.

Posting about an issue

Be factual. Don't insult anyone, however tempting it may be. Give all relevant details and be precise and unemotional. If someone gives a response you don't like, don't insult them - counter the argument. If you're in the right, people will come to your side; if you're in the right but come across as obnoxious and belligerent, you may still fail to engender sympathy.

Summary checklist of sites and/or associations that can be of help

Gambling Industry Association
Gambling Grumbles
Ask Gamblers
Wizard Of Odds

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