Betfair casino

Betfair casino

Company information

Betfair was launched in 2000, and has since developed into one of the world's largest online betting exchanges. The company has physical addresses in Gibraltar, Malta and Australia, and operating licenses with the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the Malta LGA and the Tasmanian Gambling Commission; addresses and licences are listed on the regulatory information page.

On the corporate site you can find more company information and background; the key data page lists the company's financial details.


The casino, first launched in 2005, uses Chartwell software. They subsequently signed a new license agreement with Playtech, and now also have a Playtech download casino.


Aside from the usual handful of Chartwell also-rans, the casino includes the Betfair unique "Zero Lounge": four games - blackjack, baccarat, roulette and video poker - which have full 100% player returns.

Customer service

Telephone and email support is adequate. I did, however, try and fail to get any comment from Betfair about the above-mentioned playtech software deal when it was still in the pipeline.

UK freephone number:
0844 871 0000

International number:
+44 (0)208 834 8060


A while back there were a couple of bonus funds confiscation issues that I wasn't altogether happy about. However, I've played at Betfair myself a lot, and received a lot of bonuses without any problem.

You cannot clear Betfair bonus wagering requirements using the Zero Lounge games. In addition to which, Betfair does not like the use of autoclick robot programmes whether or not bonuses are in the mix - see the terms & conditions:

All wagers must be placed through the user interface provided on the Casino. Any wagering through other means, including the use of a "robot" player, is strictly forbidden without the express consent of Betfair. I'd seriously advise against using them. As long as you don't touch the Zero games when you've got a pending bonus and you don't use autoclick programmes, you should be fine.

Update December 2010: another very large bonus confiscation issue recently came to light at Betfair. The casino ran an extraordinarily ill-advised promotion which resulted in a loss that may have reached multi-million pound proportions. They ultimately disallowed the majority of the players' bonuses and winnings, citing an old casino favourite, bonus abuse. The reality was that they made a monumental miscalculation - the players followed the terms and conditions and did nothing wrong.

Betfair has subsequently refused to discuss the matter with any and all parties, players and webmasters alike.

Betfair has a growing track record of bonus confiscation issues, which you should bear in mind if you take bonuses here. My recommendation is that you stick to the Zero Lounge games and avoid potential bonus problems.

Update September 2011: more trouble. A Russian player cashed out $3,500,000 from Betfair; The payment processor paid $400,000, and refused to send any more. Betfair refused to intercede. See my Betfair player owed over three million dollars after payment processor fails to remit the funds article for full details.

For all the high quality of the odds they offer, Betfair has had a lot of problems in the not so distant past.

Overall rating

I rate Betfair overall at seven out of ten.
Betfair casino

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