Betfair zero-margin roulette

Betfair roulette

What a unique sight - a roulette layout without a "zero"! 

This, the only full one hundred percent return roulette game on the internet, is a part of the four-game "Zero Margin" package offered by Betfair sports exchange and casino. 

The payouts have not been reduced at all from standard roulette; inside bets pay thirty five to one, down to the even money bets (red / black, high / low etc) which all pay one to one. 

As such, all bets in this roulette game pay at correct odds, for a full one hundred percent return all round - see the paytable: 

Betfair roulette paytable

A truly unique roulette game. 

To access the game, go to the Betfair homepage and click on "casino"; the Zero Lounge games are all listed at the top of the left-hand menu: 

Betfair lobby screen

To play in fun mode, click on the "play for fun" button at the bottom of the menu (out of sight below) then click on the "play zero roulette" graphic to the right.

The maximum individual bets are very low on the Zero Lounge roulette game; as you can see from the paytable above, the most you can get on one bet is ���£10 on the even-money options, and the individual numbers have a maximum of ���£5 only. I assume this is to create a "taster" effect for this game, encouraging the player to move on to the more usual single-zero roulette game when he wants to start upping his bets. This would be very unwise, as the standard game, with a single zero, has the usual house edge of 1.35% on outside bets and 2.7% on the individual numbers - see the calculating the mathematical expectation of a bet page for details of how we arrive at those percentages.

Quell any urges to overbet, and stick to this unique hundred percent return roulette game.

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