There have been a few games that have come and gone over the years. Invariably, these have been good games with low house edges and, consequently, not profitable to the casinos. I wrote pages dedicated to them for the earlier version of this site which I subsequently removed when the games themselves were removed. The following are they.

Deuces Wild Full Pay

This game was offered by RTG casino "SciFi" in 2003. The theoretical player return is 100.67%, and I played about a hundred thousand hands at $5 a spin, hitting three royal flushes along the way. The full-pay version was removed a few months later.

Caribbean 21

Another RTG offering, this blackjack variant with low house edge was part of the standard game package for a few years. It was hit quite spectacularly successfully by one player, the so-called "Pirate Of Caribbean 21", who racked up $1,400,000 and subsequently had a big fight to claim even a portion of his winnings. The game was immediately removed, examined and returned to the software with a clean bill of health but an absurdly low $5 maximum bet. It was ultimately removed.

Boss Media single deck blackjack

Boss Media offered this game, with a return of 100.11%, for several years. I had a love / hate relationship with it myself. It was tested by blackjack expert Ken Smith, who concluded that the game was fair in spite of my occasional misgivings. It no longer exists.